2012 Blind Camp Tool Box Assembly Kit
Denton Hushaw (915-0393) is providing the wood demensions for the following project. He can also be contacted with any questions or further instructions.
The woodworker's objective in the following project is to create a tool box kit that can be assembled by people at the annual blind camp.

Woodworking Notes:

1. All Tool Box wood is 3/4" pine except for the handle is 1/2" dowel wood. Use wood dimensions as provided by Denton Henshaw.

2. All wood is left unfinished and unassembled.

3. Put each kit in a seperate plastic bag.

4. The following pictures show a "Prototype Tool Box" assembled with screws. Do NOT predrill for screws. Predrill each hole with a 5/64" drill bit in preparation for assembly with nails at the Blind Camp.


Assembled "Prototype" Tool Box example.


Example "Tool Box Assembly Kit" 6 pieces to be put in plastic bag.


1 bottom piece. 4 sides routed 1/4" deep X 3/4" wide. Six nail holes 3/8" from edge predrilled with 5/64" drill.


2 end pieces.  Sides routed 1/4" deep X 3/4". Each end, two nail holes 3/8" from edge predrilled with 5/64" drill.


On each end piece centerline, drill 1/2" hole 3/4" from top edge. Make 2 angled table saw cuts on end pieces as pictured. Sand end pieces as needed to soften sharp edges.


Two Side pieces.


One 1/2" dowel rod.


Test assemble your kit using clamps, rubber bands, etc to verify it can be correctly assembled. Make any measurement changes on subsequent kits if needed. Make any finish sanding if needed.

Individually bag each kit that correctly assembles together.


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