Bookcase Assembly

        Bookcase Assembly Steps

General Bookcases Assembly Notes:

1. Bookcases can be assembled using only glue & clamps.

2. If a nailer is used, use a brad length of 3/4".


Books & Bookcases Project Leader, Lanny Mabus, cutout and assembled "Bookcase Kits" in his workshop for assembly and completion by Village Woodworkers Club volunteers in their workshops. Refer any questions to Lanny at 922-1193. Lanny is pictured in the following typical assembly steps.


Kit is unpacked & organized for assembly.


Pencil lines added for brad nailing.


Glue applied to dado & routed joints. (Bottom dado shown.)


Sequential assembly of glued joints starts.


Optional brad nailing steps are shown.


Other side being assembled.


Checking bookcase for being square with 2 diagonal measurements. (Shape adjusted for 2 equal measurements.)


Back attached to square bookcase.


Double checking for square bookcase.


Measuring, cutting and installing bottom trim piece.


Five trim pieces being organized for a combination of 45 degree & straight cuts.


Bookcase top trim requires 45 degree cuts & fitting.


Fitting front trim pieces.


After trial fitting, glue & attach trim.


Measuring & marking last 45 degree cut.


Measuring, cutting & installing center trim piece.


Final front trim piece installed.


Glue & clamp name tag block. (Optional brad nailing.)


Bookcase assembly steps completed.

 Final completion steps are ordinary woodworking tasks and are not shown.

 Completion steps include as needed: filling any brad holes and/or wood gaps with wood putty, final sanding of bookcases and 3 coats of poly acrylic clear (water base). Note: No color wood staining.

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