Garvan Woodland Gardens Bonsai Learning Center



Group photo in front of the completed Bonsai House. Scroll down for sequential construction pictures of the Bonsai House.

Woodworkers front row, left to right Gene Kerr, Al Sirianni, Dave Mentink, Tom Auel, Mike Thorsen. Not pictured, Bill Eggers, Floyd Dickinson.

Back row Bob Bledsoe, Karen Garcia from Weyerhaeuser, Jack Culpepper, Bob Byers, Bill Duke, and Mike brown.

Building the Bonsai House also required the use of large equipment, heavy lifting and unique construction skills. Thanks to the people that performed these tasks.


Garvan Woodland Gardens installed this Bonsai Learning Center brass plaque in appreciation for club member's work. 

                    Bonsai House Construction Pictures


The two year old cement slab which will become the "Bonsai Learning Center"


The deck fascia was 2X12 covered by 2X6 and was installed at 45 degrees to match the Welcome Center.


Woodworkers Gene Kerr (left) and Dave Mentink


Getting ready for the roof!


On top of the frame, a solid 2X10 Cypress ribbon was installed to hold up the roof.


Scaffolding was used to complete walls and roof preparation.


Logs were selected from trees at the garden and prepared for lifting to the roof.


Logs had to be hoisted by hand crank into position.


Mike Brown (left) and helper John Paul fitting the logs together. Mikes favorite tool, his grinder!


Scaffolding took the place of all the braces.


Roof supports in completion phase.


Finishing up on roof support details.


Wide roof overhang and edge design adds to beauty of Bonsai House design. 


Shingles were added in keeping with the Bonsai House design.


Once the roof was on and the insulation in, then the interior walls and ceiling were finished. Mike’s nick name now became Rembrandt!


Classic Bonsai House design details can be seen.


Classic roof support details can also be seen.


More classic interior roof details.


Jack Culpepper and crew revised the landscaping in front to make a walkway for visitors.


The Bonsai House classic interior simplicity can be seen in this picture.


The carts in the previous picture and the sink here were also made by Village Woodworkers.

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