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May 2014 Newsletter

                                                  May 2014 Club Meeting Newsletter

                                                                           Meeting Kickoff


Club President, Lee Smith kicked off the meeting and welcomed 8 guests and 1 volunteered for project lead.

The bookcase project went well and all were distributed.


 We’ve been asked to work a new project to fix veterans memorial kiosk door at the Woodlands. Some may remember that the woodworkers helped with the original construction.


 You will notice Grove Park has some nice hand carved ovals signs (about 5 in all). The fledgling carving group created those. They’re so popular that the POA wants more signs.

The picnic tables we are making for Grove Park are cut but need assembly. Call Lee (984-1499) if you can help.

The shadow signs project for CASA is done. Now if you want to volunteer as a child court advocate in CASA’s project, you’ll know where to look. Find out more about the CASA program here http://arkansascasa.net/ 

A carving group is in the planning stage. It is very roughly planned but one of the guest/new members has volunteered to help lead it. She is a sculptor and will share basics and designing tips. If you are, interested contact Lee.

The picnic is on. Tom Funk (915-0388), Neil Frevert (922-0583) and Tom Aubrey (922-1214) are the picnic committee. Call to volunteer if you can help.


Dave McMoran talked about the Jessieville locker project. JDK will do the millwork. project, and the need for volunteers for assembly and installation. 60 lockers need to be assembled and will then be assembled in the locker room. There is also some wood flooring work. We may be able to do all assembly in Jessieville. Needs to be complete by mid-august. Call Dave (915-998) if you can help. We’re also in heed of someone to run the project as the original leader will not be able to finish it.



 Club VP, Robert Sonnen described the July meeting program about joinery. As an opening try to pass on hard-earned skills, the meeting will be about various methods of making dovetails. It will be a talk and slideshow program covering 5 different ways (and tool and skill sets) for making dovetails. Call Robert at 762-6500 if you can help, a couple of the joinery methods still need some one to present them.



 Frank Stoderl – training. Frank is heading a program to improve the training for beginning woodworkers. Wally Duchow and Paul Winberg will be the first instructors. This will be class time, with hands on instruction. It will start with a five week series on power equipment use and safety.  Currently it is for members but we may expand to non-members. Make sure to stay tuned for more information as it develops. And, call Frank (915-0601) if you are interest in taking a class or helping teach one.


The Village Woodworkers received a Governor’s Proclamation award for outstanding volunteer service to the citizens of Arkansas. We can all be proud. The award is pictured at the top of this webpage. It will be displayed in the lobby of the Chamber of Commerce visitor center.

                 Teardrop Trailer Progress


  Dan Moran summarized TeardropTrailer project status. It moves and was here tonight.  It is about 70% done. Still need volunteers and especially plumbing work and fixtures. Call Lee Smith (984-1499)to volunteer. Right now it is stored in Lee’s garage and he would like to get his space back.


                  Show & Tell


Dennis Stelz had a number of bowl turnings. Saying he wanted to step back from the big projects for a while he never-the-less showed small flat bowl and tray projects he made fancy with covers and fitted insert bowls. Dennis sressed that finishing is at least half the project.



Frank Stoderl showed an olivewood bowl he turned that still had a worm in it.


              Main Program - Segmented Wood Turning

Thanks to Dennis Stelz for making the following presentation & bowl examples.


The main program was Dennis Stelz on segmented turning. He explained his formula for saving all is scraps and cutting them into a standard piece that can be used to make an infinite variety of bowl designs. The formula scales well to bigger bowls. He also explained that adding a feature band can add a lot to the bowl. Both in finished appearance and the number of hours it takes to make.

Dennis's general tool list is: Band saw, disc sander, radial arm saw, power miter saw, drum sander, a homemade press (for joining the segment rings together), a lathe and 9 turning tools (naturally) and finally a good supply of hose clamps. While discussing the tools he also presented operational tips on the equipment use.

 The process steps include:

1. Make the segments

2. Assemble the rings, in quarters or halves, sand flat

3. Cut the base

4. On the lathe, cut the tenon on the base for mounting

5. Glue base to first ring. Press together for a hydraulic bond. No waiting for the glue to dry for him, were going right to the lathe

6. Clean up the ring and get part way down

7. Repeat next rings, finishing more of the bottom rings as you go up

 It went more clearly when he was talking about it. Since he says he spends 8 hours a day in the shop, he extended an invitation to anyone interested to come and see the process or get some hands-on. Call first, 915-0397.

Example supply of segments for making a large variety of bowls.

Example finished semented bowls.

Example finished semented bowls.

Example finished semented bowl.


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