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Feb 2015 Newsletter
  January 2015 Club Meeting Newsletter
          Meeting Kickoff


Club President, Joe Ripma kicked off the meeting by welcoming new members and visitors.

Toy Projectors Director, Doug Lambert will be contacting Toy Teams to coordinate building Christmas Toys.

Projects Director, Denton Hushaw is recruiting volunteers for (1) POA requested rustic table and shelves and (2) Mountain Pine School requested "cubby" storage units. Contact Denton at 915-0393. 

Club VP, Robert Sonnen is soliciting members who want to see an outside sawmill in action. Contact Robert at (501) 762-6500.

Bookcases coordinator, Lanny Mabus has started the annual process for building 51 bookcases for student awards in 3 area grade schools. Lanny has scheduled March 3 & 4 in his workshop  (23 Humberto Way HSV) for cutting and packaging bookcase kits.  Contact Lanny at 922-1193 for info on working 3/3 & 3/4 and/or taking some of the kits for assembly in your shop. You can see a series of pictures and instructions for assembling these kits on the club website at: http://www.villagewoodworkers.org/subpage54.html


There are 2 rocking horses that were built for donation to children's hospitals. However, todays hospitals are risk and lawsuits averse and do not want to accept them due to perceived risk of injury. 

If you have any ideas where they could be donated to benefit children, contact club president Joe Ripma at (281) 686-1718.

      Shop Safety Tips

 A video was shown that stressed several safety tips when using a chop saw. You can see a choice of over 5,000 similar YouTube videos by clicking:


                                       Example Show & Tell Items

      Example Show & Tell Presentations


Wally Duchow showed one of his earlier flat wood project boxes. Wally's message was every show & tell does not have to be a wood turning.


James showed some of his beginning level segmented bowl turnings.


Dennis Stelz showed multiple wood turnings.


Dennis Stelz showed multiple wood turnings.


Dennis Stelz showed multiple wood turnings.


Dennis Stelz showed multiple wood turnings.


Doug Lambert discussed how to make wood handled m irrors and some resulting hand mirrors.


George showed a detailed segmented bowl he built and turned.

     Main Program : Turning a Simple Bowl
                    by Ron Washall


Ron also showed his technique for burning patterns on wood turnings.


Thanks to Ron Warshall for making all the slides that showed his wood turning techniques. Ron also answered questions on the fine points of wood turning.

 Ron showed many wood turning slides along with detailed techniques explanations. There was way to much information to include in this newsletter. You can see similar types of videos on YouTube.com.

When you enter wood bowl turning on You Tube, there are 0ver 50,000 video results to choose from for information. To see these results, click on: 



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