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May 2012 Club Meeting Newsletter

 This month's main program was presented by:

Mark's Machinery & More

Muldrow, OK 74948


(Display & demo pictures are last in the newsletter.)

                                                                          Meeting Kickoff


While Club President, Tom Funk, was on a west coast cruise, Club Vice President, Duane Krasse, kicked off the meeting and introduced visitors and a new club member.

Duane also found a great woodworking website with free information. You can review the free guides, plans and other info by clicking:www.leeswoodprojects.com


                                                                        Project Reports


Ken Birjkoff announced that a leader is needed for the "Workshop Sales Group". (There are 3 club members that help with the sales and a "leader/coordinator" is needed. Call Ken at 915-0914 if you can help.


Members of the truck toy team were recognized by the Fountain Lake School District with "appreciation certificates" for cutting all wood used the build the 2012 club bookcases.


Warren Searls read a letter of appreciation from the Children's Hospital for the club built "rehab ladder".


Thanks to Lee Smith and helpers that built a "rehab ladder" that was put to immediate use by the Little Rock Children's Hospital.


Club Projects Director, Denton Hushaw, announced the Blind Camp attendance dates of July 8-15.

If you can help with the Blind Camp or have any questions on club projects, contact Denton at 915-0393.

                                                                                     Shop Tips 


Lee Smith used cypress wood joint leaking problems that can apply to any wood joints. Specifically, at a wood joint, do not mix vertical grain wood and horizontal grain wood as there will be different expansion/contractions rates resulting in joint gaps.


Lanny Mabus showed a jig he made that is the width of a router's base plate. This enables making perfectly straight router passes on large wood pieces.

                                                                                     Show & Tell


Dan Moran showed a "poker chip box" he built. The removeable top is shown above.


The remainder of the "poker chip box" is shown above.


Dennis Stelz showed additional wood turnings he has made and explained the process for laying out designs before starting.


Detailed view of resulting wood turnings design.


Wally Duchow showed special awards wood platters he is turning. The center of each one features commerative "Hot Springs" special edition quarter.

(Wally also managed to trade paper money for any "Hot Springs" quarters that club members had in their pockets.)

                                                                           Main Program


Thanks to Mark for bringing all of the equpiment and tools pictured below and offering discounted pricing to members.

Also, thanks to Mark for the equipment demo's pictured below. You can see Mark's website and additional items he sells & supports by clicking: www.marksmachinery.net 


                                                               Equipment Demonstrations


The Tormek sharpening system was demonstrated first.


Demonstrations also included the computerized wood engraving system.


Club members gathered around each demonstration.


Members intently watched each demo and learned new techniques.


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