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May 2013 BoD Minutes


May 6, 2013 meeting attendees: Bob Villegas, Dave Harder, Neil Frevert, Rob Tillotson, Tom Aubry

-    The April BOD meeting minutes were accepted.

-    Bob and Neil looked into renting a storage space, to use when Art Chism’s space is no

     longer available.  Bushee’s Balboa Storage has 10’ X 20’ units for an annual rental

     cost of $468.  No action was taken, pending the status of the present storage location.

     Approximate date is June 15th.

-    Bob and Dennis Helmer manned the WW booth at the Community Fair.  It went well.

-   Denton Hushaw has a group making 50 bird houses for the Blind Camp attendees to

     assemble and paint.  The bird houses are the same design used for the Fountain Lake

     after-school project.

-   Bob will contact Rich Hollis to check on the cost and  availability of more cedar for

     club projects and member use.

-   The club received grant checks from the Hot Springs Village & Hot Springs Area

     Community Fund, and Wal-Mart.  We are very grateful for their generosity.  The funds

     will be used for our community projects.

-    Lanny Mabus is the Project Lead on the Bookcase project.  We’re providing checks

     for each of the three schools (Fountain Lake $500.; Mountain Pine $500.; Jessie-

     ville $300.).  The grant money will be used to provide books for the bookcases, with

     the club absorbing the difference.  In the future, the money for books will be tied to

     grant money specifically earmarked for books.  It is anticipated that next years’ dona-

     tions will not be as generous as in the past.  This issue will need to be explained to

     the schools so they can budget for this.

 -   The Art Church birdhouses are due June 1st.  All entries will be given to Lee Smith, to

      be used for their charity drive.

 -   In an effort to clarify the billing confusion regarding wood purchased from Deano’s,

     Dave gave Brian (at Deano’s) his business card with the instructions that “If a member 

     of the Woodworkers buys lumber for a club project, send me an invoice, and it will be

     paid.”  Bob will discuss this subject with Lee Smith, and Lee and Brian will come up

     with a plan that will not confuse anyone.  Please be patient.

-   The BOD agreed that the club would not reimburse members for expenses (i.e. gas),

     associated with picking up wood for club use.

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-   Discussed  an Addendum for clarifying By-Laws and procedures for future BOD use.

    It appears that some type of “Standard Operating Procedures(SOP)” manual is need-

    ed.  Bob will try to set up a committee to develop an SOP document for the current

    BOD ro review late this year.  Hopefully this will be used as a guide for future BOD’s.

-   Tom Aubry said that he has NO help in working to set up the annual picnic.  Contact-

     ing businesses, for Silent Auction items, should begin in July, and there are many

     other  tasks to be done before the September date.  Bob said that he will advise the

     membership that, without help there will be no picnic.

-   The Mt. Carmel senior home has requested item(s) for the new resident facility.  The

     BOD agreed that it should be offered as a member project.  If there are no takers,

     then the BOD could consider taking it on as a club project.

-   At this time there are 47 unpaid members.

The next BOD meeting will be at Lee Smith’s, on June 10th, at 6:30 pm.


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