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Sept 2012 BoD Meeting Minutes

Minutes for September 17th BOD meeting.  Present:  Tom Funk, Duane Kraase, Terry Jasicki, Mike Thorsen, Bob Villegas.  Members present were: Neil Frevert, Adolph Juarez.

The report from Adolph on the Agenda for the Annual Picnic on Wednesday 19 September was discussed at length.   The picnic will begin at 5:00 pm, with members of setup committee starting at 4:00 pm.  The Board was pleased with the amount of time and effort Adolph and his committee has put in to make this an event to remember.  There will be Roland’s BBQ to start with entertainment, raffles, door-prizes, and silent auctions.  Please bring money, it is for a good cause and you will have a lot of fun.  The exact details will be given at the beginning. 

Dave Kariker attended the POA President’s Council meeting.  Our website has a new section added on communication to members of HSV that might be of interest. Please check out our website. 

Nominating committee provided a report for the BOD nominees for 2013.  Neil Frevert will address the membership at the picnic. 

Toy team is ramping up for the big day, 14 November for our annual distribution.  Toy may also be purchased at this time also.   The POA Craft Fair is scheduled for 17 Nov.  The Mountainside Church Fair date is still pending.

Newcomers meeting will be on October 25 with Dave Harder as our rep, and December 6 with Terry Jasicki as our rep.  Meeting starts at 8:30 am.  Check for any changes.  Contact point is Mary Moran 922-4231.

Duane has gotten a commitment from various members for the October 10th meeting. We will have them demonstrate their jigs at the shop of Sandy and Ron Williams.  There shop is located at ‘gasoline Alley’ off of Desoto across from Faith Lutheran Church at the Auto Hobby shop complex.  The address is Unit 104F.  It is a new large building as you enter the drive. Meeting starts at 6:30 and bring your own chair. 

Special Projects has a project that will be very rewarding.  The Garland County Humane Society, Rt 128, needs a lot of help.  They have no funds for anything.  They survive by donations only.  They are a ‘non-terminating’ center for animals.  Mike Thorsen will be looking for volunteers to fix/repair/build items for the facilities.  Please contact Mike if you’re interested in helping out.  It may be a few days a month, but more info will follow.

Next month’s meeting will be at Mike Thorsen’s house at 6:30 pm.

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