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December 2011
  December 2011 Newslletter


         December 2011 Annual Christmas Party Newsletter

Many thanks to the spouses and members who brought delicious treats that were enjoyed by everyone.



          Meet & Greet time included meeting new friends and renewing friendships.



                                     Meeting Kickoff


 2011 club President, Lee Smith kicked off the business part of the meeting.  Lee announced two new members, Dave Zajac and Dianne Thayer. Two visitors Richard and Nikki were introduced. All four from Waukesha Wisconsin.

The club Board of Directors voted that the Christmas toys not sold, be put in the hands of under privileged kids. So, all the toys that were not sold, went to the Christian Outreach and Masonic Temple for distribution. We start over in 2012 with the making of new toys.



                 Voting for 2012 Board of Directors

 Lee Smith brought the 2011 Board of Directors up to thank them for a year of great service to the club. The retiring 2011 Board of Directors members sat down and the new 2012 members were brought up and unanimously elected. They are:

President: Tom Funk
Vice President: Duane Kraase
Secretary: Bob Villegas
Treasurer:  Dave Harder
Communications:  Michael Thorsen
Toy Projects:  Terry Jasicki
Projects:  Denton Hushaw


                          2011 Board of Directors


New 2012 Board of Directors candidates 


         2012 Board of Directors unanimously elected.


                                         Show & Tell


Bob Porter showed the 3rd project in a 3 year effort. 


800+ wood pieces in an "operating" crawler tractor.


Wally Duchow showed the wood turning capabilities of his new lathe. 


Walnut tray.


Dennis Stelz showed several of his recent wood bowl turnings.



                                      Main Program


2012 Club President, Tom Funk made a slide preentation on the highlights of each 2011 club meeting.


Projects Director, Denton Hushaw, made a presentation on the highlights of the 2011 club projects.


Communications Director, Michael Thorsen, made a slide presentation on the detailed steps in building the Garvan Gardens "Bonsai House". You can see the "Readers Digest version" of his presentation by clicking: Bonsai House Construction


Incoming Club President, Tom Funk, presented outgoing Club President, Lee Smith with a appreciation of service plaque.


                          Continued Festivities


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